About Us

Forgentum was founded in 2007 by individuals that spent most of their professional careers in and around Military Health. The company was started to afford those individuals the access and ability to more directly impact the quality of software and services provided to the DoD Health Care Community. The intention of these efforts is to minimize the time doctors and providers are impeded by their software or devices, and maximize their interactions with patients. This, by extension, is our modest way to support the war fighters and their dependants.

Although Forgentum is a young company, it has experienced tremendous growth. The company’s projected revenue for this fiscal year is over 10 million dollars and it has a full time staff of over fifty employees. Forgentum’s experience is primarily medical, with 95% of all its revenue coming from MHS development, integration, and operational support contracts. When it comes to military medical experience there are few small business that can match Forgentum. More than fifty percent of the staff have ten plus years supporting DoD medical programs.



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