Forgentum Ethos

If you are a client thinking of hiring Forgentum, or a prospective employee looking to join our team, it is important to understand our corporate spirit.

As a services company, the mindset and expertise we bring to our work is paramount.

The following paragraphs are excerpts from documentation that is provided to our employees. This is the first step in maintaining our corporate culture.

Be Heard

In the simplest form each of the Forgentum employees is encouraged to state whatever needs to be said. One of the company’s mantras is that “the right thing is never irrelevant”, this includes correct solutions that might not be in the company’s short-term fiscal interests.

Remove Dead Time

We stress that there is an inordinate amount of time where problems or issues sit idle, and these usually site idly in a mailbox. Our employees are taught to never use email when a phone call will work, and never use a phone if the communication can be accomplished in person. Email is an invaluable tool for compiling a shared, documented record of actions, and can be used after the fact when there is time.

Problem Solving

At the company’s core is a discipline in problem solving. No matter how big or small, problems need to be solved immediately. We define problems as if they rolled downhill. The longer the problem rolls, the harder it will be to solve, our employees are taught to turn toward the problem and run at it. When solving a problem, they are taught to set out a short period of time to diagnose the problem based on their experience. When that short time period has passed, if the solution is not found, then the employee is to devise strategies to ‘cut the problem in half’ and collect data. This systematic approach will ensure that a solution will be found and weeks will not be spent ‘guessing’.

Everyone is a Client

Each person that the Forgentum employee interfaces with, be it their own staff, a partner’s staff, or the government, all of them are our clients. If someone brings a problem to you, that problem is yours to solve. While they may not be the correct resource to fix the problem, they own it until the client is paired with the correct resource and both parties understand why you brought them together.

Science over Philosophy

Engineers should be like scientists. If there is no data to support something it never gets out of the hypothesis stage. People who live in the hypothesis stage are not engineers or scientists; they are philosophers. This idea will lead to a culture of measurement. As engineers, data points should be our oxygen.  If you perform any function on this team, chances are items of it can be quantified.

Be Critical

This pertains to us, our processes, and our data. No one should more critical of you than you are of yourself. If there is a possible logic loop that should flow out of something you have done, you should execute that loop before rendering a verdict. The more critical you are of yourself, the less likely it will be that your client, whose job it is to be critical of you, will be able to come up with something you haven't already addressed or at least thought of.



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