Executive Bios

Lyn E. Hurd
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Hurd has over 25 years of experience with the Department of Defense, Military Health Care System in field and executive IT management and information assurance positions, both in government and government contractor capacities.  As the Chief Executive Officer of Forgentum, his focus has been to grow the company, by providing customers the highest quality service available, the best-qualified personnel available, and position Forgentum as the “go-to company who will get the job done”. 

Prior to forming Forgentum, Mr. Hurd provided executive consultative services and strategic thought leadership to TriCare Management Activity, Office of the Chief Information Officer and the Program Executive Officer, Joint Military Information Systems.  Mr. Hurd actively consulted on DoD Inspector General physical security and FISMA audits, Managed Care Contractor security breaches and potential loss of Protected Health Information (PHI).  He also provided the management oversight to central data center and local server operations and management for the DoD implementation of the AHLTA electronic health record to over 100 locations worldwide. 
Mr. Hurd’s military career encapsulated 20 years of ever increasing duties and responsibilities.  Starting his career as a Navy staff Pharmacist, he rapidly progressed into the Health Information Technology sub-specialty through Pharmacy automation projects at the local and then at the TriCare Management Activity (TMA) level for the last 10 years of his career.   While at TMA, he served as the Director of Logistics for the Composite Health Care System, Deputy Director of Technology Management Integration and Standards, MHS Year 2000 Program Manager, and the Program Manager for the TriService Infrastructure Management Program Office (TIMPO).  Mr. Hurd retired as a Navy Medical Service Corp Commander in 2003.  His personal awards include: Presidential Year 2000 award, Joint Meritorious Service Medal (2 awards), Navy Meritorious Service Medal (2 awards), and the Navy Achievement Medal (4 awards).

Mr. Hurd was formally educated as a Clinical Pharmacist, earning his Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Toledo, College of Pharmacy in 1983 and obtaining his Registered Pharmacist certification in the same year.  He obtained his Master of Science Degree in Information Technology Management from the Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA.  Mr. Hurd continues his status as a Certified Information System Security Professional today having obtained the original certification in 2003.

Jason Smith
Co-Founder & President

Mr. Smith has over fifteen years of experience with the Department of Defense Military Health System. His experience encompasses the entire software and systems development lifecycle from programming, testing, engineering, and integration through deployment. Through his experience with multiple systems from their inception through government deployment milestones, he has had the good fortune to work on some of the MHS’ toughest problems.

These experiences crystallized his belief that every problem can be solved through discipline, talent and will. As President of Forgentum, he looks to prove that a corporation can be built on this premise; and in doing so a corporation can be both successful and make a meaningful difference in their industry.

Since Forgentum's inception he has focused on bringing in the best talent from across the SDLC disciplines, and building a culture of efficiency through problem solving.

Note from Mr. Smith: "I am naturally inclined against self promotion. To understand more of my thoughts on our culture, see the Forgentum Ethos page. Having the text below hidden, at least initially was the only way I would agree to having it presented. If you would like to know more about some of the challenges I have helped with, expand the link below. Lyn and I appreciate you taking the time to learn about Forgentum. Let us know of we can help."

Additional Data

As a developer for the Corporate Executive Information System, the program encountered training problems during Government Acceptance Testing. His solution was to design, build, and deploy Mobile Training Units.

As Developmental Test and Evaluation (DT&E) Lead for AHLTA Block II (formally CHCSII) he oversaw the end-to-end testing of the DoD's first global EHR. When confronted with the challenge of fully testing this global system, he changed the testing paradigm and embedded his IV&V test team at the contract development site, allowing for the DoD's first rapid application development cycles.

When schedules compressed, he implemented double shifts, recruited hosts of guest testers from the services, and introduced automated testing. These efforts were recognized as fundamental to the AHLTA deployment milestone approvals.

During the initial six-site deployment of AHLTA, Mr. Smith left the testing field to confront the engineering issues and problems AHLTA would soon encounter.  As Director of Systems Engineering for Integic Corporation, he oversaw AHLTA's worldwide deployment. When initial deployments encountered network latency problems he determined the application's network impairment thresholds, and deployed teams to work with site's MIS staff to monitor and if needed re-architect their clinical networks.

As the AHLTA regional architecture faced COTS limitations, the program office directed the system would be centralized. Mr. Smith directed data collection from the enterprise to determine workload levels, designed load injection tools, and oversaw load tests at the HP Capacity Planning Center. These tests drove his re-engineering of the initially deployed system into an extensible architecture with business services distributed from the database. This architecture still supports over 100,000 encounters daily.

As founding member of the AHLTA rapid response team, Mr. Smith flew around the globe to solve problems that impacted providers and patients.

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