Integrated Systems Engineering

Forgentum utilizes their broad system and software experience to provide Enterprise Class engineering services to their clients. Our design and testing disciplines provide value across all information systems engineering disciplines. The founders of Forgentum took the lessons learned from deploying and maintaining the Department of Defense's Enterprise Health Record (EHR) to hospitals and clinics around the world and used them to form the basis of their services.

Forgentum's experience can help even the most seasoned organization avoid pitfalls in the system lifecycle. The following is a sample of the types of expertise Forgentum brings to their clients daily:

Systems and Application Design

Forgentum Architects utilize the latest design patterns on their projects. Each new interface or data element is designed to applicable interoperability standards and examined under the principle that errors and external change will occur. 

Forgentum can help your enterprise share data or optimize workflow by integrating existing system applications and architectures. Our expertise in Service Oriented Architectures allows us to determine the 'best fit' solution for our clients. Forgentum routinely integrates systems presentation, business, messaging, or data layers.

Forgentum generates detailed UML artifacts, with definitions to the object level for reviews with their customers. By emphasizing standards and clear documentation our designs bring value to the customer throughout the system's lifecycle.

Requirements Definition

A poorly defined requirement is change request waiting to happen. Forgentum stresses the value of detailed software and system specifications to ensure problems are discovered when they are easy and cost effective to change: early in the cycle.

Forgentum utilizes the full spectrum of methods to define requirements from user interviews, to use case studies, and application prototypes. Once the functional requirements are clarified, each is evaluated for performance, interface, error handling, and maintenance impact and further defined.

Data Center Build Out

From facility design and networking through virtualization, Forgentum has helped multiple clients establish developmental data centers. Forgentum also maintains development and test environments for their clients, ensuring that the environments are available, fully hardened, and configured to specification.

Performance Engineering

Forgentum currently performs end-to-end performance testing for multiple systems and applications daily. Forgentum engineers design test plans and scenarios around the client's key performance parameters for new releases before they are fielded. For operational issues our we implement 'grey box' segmented tests to isolate performance issues. Once isolated to a sub-system, metrics are gathered to pinpoint the problem where it can be solved.




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