Managed Services

Forgentum currently operates the MHS Blades Service Center. Our engineers support thousands of servers and users worldwide.

Blades Service Center

Forgentum provides direct subcontract support to the HP operated MHS Service Desk (MHSSD); the entry point into the MHS IT customer support structure. Implemented extensively using ITILv3 framework management processes, it provides 24x7x365, worldwide access to identify, log, assess, analyze, escalate, track, and report problems for centrally-managed MHS systems.

Forgentum employees are directly responsible for the operation of the Blades Service Center (BSC) within the MHSSD: providing remote server operations, monitoring, administration, security accreditation, IAVA compliance, VMS reporting, system backup to tape, disaster recovery and direct application support for over 20 MHS central applications.  Forgentum employees provide first line response to customer calls and trouble tickets for everything from end-user password resets to restoration of corrupted databases to automated operating system security updates/patches.  The BSC delivers, installs, and tracks all hardware and software components as well as performs configuration management of site specific system images for each of the 76 Enterprise Blade Servers (EBS) deployed throughout the MHS.  New application roll out is completed using carefully prepared and tested “gold disk images” utilizing automated tools such as Microsoft SMS and SUS.  Application monitoring and capacity management are continuously performed on each EBS application using performance measurement techniques to generate automated reports and alarms when performance drops below thresholds. Thus allowing engineers to identify and correct issues as quickly as possible.

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